Surplus Salvage LLC stocks hundreds of QO and QOB circuit breakers. QO and QOB circuit breakers are miniature circuit breakers, manufactured by Square D. The QO style is considered a "Plug-on" or "Snap-in" breaker. The QOB model's "Bolt-on". They are considered a miniature circuit breaker, which are used in the following voltage applications:

  • 120 VAC
  • 208/120 VAC
  • 120/240 VAC
  • 240 VAC

Both of these two styles have incorporated Square D's Visa-Trip trip indication. This is a small area directly below the trip handle that will show up as red if the circuit breaker has been tripped, letting the operator know that it has tripped as opposed to just being off.

QO and QOB. These styles of breakers will typically common the following amperage's:

  • 10 to 70 amps for 1 pole breakers
  • 10 to 125 amps for 2 pole breakers
  • 10 to 100 amps for 3 pole breakers

Both breaker models can be used for a variety of panel types.

QO breakers can be used for the following panel types:

  • QO load centers
  • NQ and NQOD panel boards
  • OEM mounting bases
  • Speed-D switchboards

QOB breakers can be used for the following:

  • -NQO and NQOD panel boards

QO and QOB breakers typically have an interrupt rating of 10 KA. Higher interrupt versions are available. QO-VH and QOB-VH have an IR of 22KA. There are other styles of special application breakers in the QO, QOB family. The most commonly used are as follows:

  • QOT are a tandem version.
  • QO-AFI and QOB-AFI are Arc Fault/Flash
  • QO-GFI and QOB-GFI are Ground Fault.

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